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Q&A 印刷

Here are some questions that are often asked. If you cannot find an answer to your question please feel free to contact us.

⇒ Questions concerning the Falls
⇒ Questions concerning the Ninja forest

■General questions

Q:Is there a parking, where is it, how much does it cost?
A:There is multiple parking place on the road to the falls. The price they charge depends on the place.

Q:When is the best period for Autumn leaves coloration?
A:It starts late in October for the highest falls to the middle of November for the other falls. The leaves start changing color 1 week after the first temperatures under 8 degrees celcius.

Q:Can we have BBQ at the falls?
A:Sorry The Falls are registered as a National Park so no fire can be used.

Q:How clean is the environment, is there some nuclear pollution?
A:The Falls are frequently checked and they are free of nuclear pollution. Moreover they also create natural "negative air ionization" which are said to be very good for mood and health.

■Questions concerning the falls

Q:Can we visit the falls with a stroller?
A:The road from the entrance to the Reija fall is a 10 minutes flat promenade so it should be alright. After that there is some stairs and then again a 15 minutes flat promenade.

Q:What kind of toilet facilities are there?
A:Inside the valley park there are 2 toilet facilities. One place is 15 minutes from the entrance at the Senju Fall and the other place is 1 hour further near the Amefuri Fall. Beware there is no toilet at the Giant Salamanders Museum so please use the outside public toilet near the outside parking.

Q:Can we re-enter the parc once we got out?
A:Yes you can leave and enter freely the parc during the day you bought the ticket.

■The Ninja Forest

Q:What is the minimum age for the training experience and it is dangerous?
A:The minimum age is 4 years old. some training are more dangerous than others, like climbing tall walls or crossing ropes... We use tree barks as a natural cushion in case someone would fall, to reduce the risk of someone getting wound. Nevertheless we expect small children to have an adult with them to help them using the tools and attractions.

Q:Can we enter the Ninja Forest even if we don't participate to the Ninja Training Experience?
A:Yes you can. You just need a valid ticket to the Akame Falls Park. Some attractions though are reserved for the participants of the Ninja Training experience.

Q:Are there toilets inside the Ninja Forest?
A:Yes, some simple toilets inside the forest but on very cold days they might be out of order.

Q:Can we enter the Ninja Forest with a stroller?
A:There is a steep slope to the temple then lots of stairs inside the forest, so it is going to be difficult to take a stroller along.

Q:How long is the Ninja Training?
A:It's about 90 minutes.

Q:How many sorts of training are available?
A:At the moment 12 sorts. We Choose the trainings depending on the number of participants and the weather. Some activities are reserved for people who participate to the Ninja Training Experience course (Shuriken, Walk on the water, Ninja sword etc.)

Q:Will the Ninja training take place even on rainy days?
A:Yes, mainly on the indoors trainings.

Q:Can we experience the "walking on water" ninja technic all year round?
A:We only open the attraction when the water is relatively warm, during June and September. Also, we close it when the weather is bad and on heavy rainfalls.

Q:Can we bring a lunch pack to the Ninja Forest?
A:Yes, we have installed log benches and arbors to eat or have a break outside. There is also a place to wash your hands.